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A key detail in teaching customers approximately Business Central pages and concepts is the excursion. A tour is a chain of coaching recommendations.

Teaching guidelines may be described on the page degree, the page teaching tip, and be followed by using teaching tips on the manipulate degree, the manipulate coaching hints. Both sorts of teaching suggestions are defined by means of the .AL properties AboutTitle and AboutText, and an extension can overwrite coaching pointers in the default version.Page coaching recommendations

The primary purpose is to growth the consumer’s danger of fulfillment with the page. So, the identify and outline of the page coaching tip have to answer the following hypothetical user questions:

AboutTitle: What is that this page about?

AboutText: What can I do with this page?

Teaching guidelines give an explanation for Business Central good judgment this is applicable to the page.

Teaching hints permit users find out and initiate the associated excursion on every occasion they may be ready for it.

Allow users to get on with a task proper away with out blocking off them.

A coaching tip may be described for any web page in Business Central, besides the position middle, dialogs, and request pages for reports.

After customers disregard a teaching tip and excursion, they can at any factor hit or hover over the web page identify. This action will reopen the coaching tip, and the person can retake the tour, for example.

On a web page this is opened from the checklist, the tour is considered an invited tour, and the page coaching tip has a Go again button that takes the person returned to the tick list.

The following example shows a web page teaching tip that explains what the web page is ready and might invite the consumer to take a tour. The teaching tip renders within the lower left nook.

The following illustration indicates how choosing the page titlewill reopen the teaching tip so that the consumer can retake the excursion.

How to jot down web page teaching guidelines

There are exclusive rules for teaching suggestions for lists versus playing cards and documents.What you have to recognise approximately excursions

Tours are sequential coaching recommendations describing functionality whilst pointing to elements within the UI.

The excursion guides the user across the page.

Tours can be initiated from the page teaching tip

During a tour, a web page with input fields will be in study mode.

Tours show in which to find some thing, what it’s miles, what it means, what you may do with it, and what it affects.

A control coaching tip can point out a price that the person need to check to recognize their subsequent step.Example: The Status subject on an bill. When the reputation is open, the person can edit the invoice.

A manipulate teaching tip can describe the relevant timing for when to apply a discipline or motion.Example: The Post movement: while accomplished modifying, then post and send.How to write teaching guidelines for controls

There are distinctive regulations for teaching suggestions for input fields and moves.Teaching tip pointing to an input fieldTeaching tip pointing to an movementAboutTitle: Who you’re promoting toAboutText: This may be an present patron, or you could sign in a new from right here. Customers could have unique prices and reductions which are robotically used while you enter the income traces.Content example for the Post movement:AboutTitle: When all is set, you postAboutText: After entering the income lines and other statistics, you post the bill to make it remember.‚Äč After posting, the income bill is moved to the Posted Sales Invoices list.The teaching tip can point to a field that can or may not have facts.A manage teaching tip can provide an explanation for an important cost’s that means, including what leaving the field clean does.Avoid mentioning the apparent and keep away from action language that tells customers to do some thing that is not active during the excursion. For instance, don’t say Enter the purchaser name right here. Instead, provide an explanation for what to be aware about whilst including a purchaser.With multiple similar actions,consisting of Post and Post & New, call out the only version best.Avoid motion language that tells customers to do something that isn’t active throughout the tour. Don’t say: Now submit the invoice. Instead, give an explanation for what to be aware about when posting.Teaching hints for FactBoxes

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You can upload coaching tips for FactBoxes similar to pages through the usage of the AboutTitle and AboutText houses is AL.Adding teaching hints to FactBoxes

Teaching pointers are supported on all web page sorts which might be supported in FactBoxes, inclusive of pages that show cues. Specifically, you may upload teaching guidelines to following factors:On the component manage that consists of the web page or cue.The page or cue that is blanketed inside the element manipulate.Controls, like fields, on the page or cue.

When including coaching recommendations, don’t forget the subsequent barriers:You can not upload teaching suggestions to movements or manage upload-ins in FactBoxes.For FactBox coaching pointers to activate, the hosting web page must have a web page teaching tip. The web page does not need any manipulate teaching tips.How FactBox coaching guidelines suit into excursions

The teaching tips for FactBoxes become a part of the excursion at the website hosting page. For greater facts, see Teaching guidelines float.Teaching tips waft

When designing coaching pointers for a tour, it’s essential to understand the order wherein coaching tips seem. The flow is as follows:Content location of the principle web pagePage teaching tipControl coaching guidelinesAction bar of the primary pageFactBoxesPart control teaching tipPage coaching tipControl coaching hintsSystem coaching recommendations. These coaching pointers are for preferred capabilities that added are introduced by means of the platform and aren’t managed by AL.

There are different policies for tooltips and teaching suggestions.

For more statistics approximately tooltips, see Help customers get unblocked.Best practices for teaching suggestions and tours

Not all pages in Business Central want teaching recommendations and excursions. Use teaching pointers wherein they provide fee.

A coaching tip says what may be done (final results), not the way to do it (steps)

A coaching tip is brief, and easily examine. Usually simply two or three short sentences.Do

Use clean to apprehend titles which might be relevant to the detail being pointed to.

Be concise with the records you provide in a coaching tip. Short sentences or sentence fragments are nice.

Keep the excursion as brief as possible with 1-4 steps.

Titles with a question are OK to apply, but use them sparingly.

Use advantageous instances, don’t tell what you can’t do.

Follow Microsoft voice pointersDon’t

Don’t provide how-to (steps) or educational guidance in coaching tips. That content material lives on medical or in your very own documentation.

Don’t use massive, unformatted blocks of textual content in a teaching tip.

Don’t placed apparent tip text, or textual content that clearly repeats what’s already at the screen.

If you can’t locate some thing to mention, maybe reevaluate if this teaching tip is wanted.See additionally

Get Users Started with the ChecklistGuidelines for tooltip textual contentOnboarding reviews in Business CentralAboutTitle PropertyAboutText Property

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