Bangkok Excursion With Tong

Tour tips for Palaces and Temples

Generally, polite attires are requiredfor any palace and temple to show your respect on the ones sacred locations and toavoid offending thai people. It’s even more critical to dress up properlybefore entering the place of the Grand Palace and the Royal Temple ofthe Emerald Buddha consisting of the Vimanmek Mansion or known as the TeakwoodMansion as these locations are nevertheless in use bythe King and Royal Family.

The get dressed code supplied below willbe strictly enforced for both girls andgentlemen. Dressingappropriately makes the tour waft easily. Kindly preserve in mind the followingsuggestions before embarking on your tour.

Dress Code

Shorts,mini-skirts, quick skirts, as well as tights cannot be wornas outer clothes. Long skirts decrease than your knees are allowed.

LongTrousers, pants are required, not simply only the knee-leveled ones.Quarter duration trousers can’t be worn.

Tightfitting trousers like leggins can’t be worn.

No hole in any a part of jeans, skirts, pants and trousersshould be seen.

See-throughshirts and blouses can’t be worn.

Sleevelessshirts or vests can not be worn; it is important to put on onlyshirts or tops to cowl your shoulders (Scarves or shawl can not beworn to cowl your shoulders). T-shirts are allowed.

Allshirtsleeves, whether lengthy or brief, cannot be rolled up.

Sportwear can’t be worn.

Sweatshirts and sweat pants, windcheaters, pajamas and fisherman trousers cannot be worn.

Sandalsor flip-flops are allowed (well mannered layout please). We suggestwearing footwear, which can be snug for walking, and are clean to beworn and brought off. 

Keep inmind that in case you are visiting throughout a competition; there can be alot of human beings. The royal staffs attempt their fine to maintain an eye on yourshoes; but, there were times where shoeswere stolen. We therefore propose you now not wear expensive footwear.

If you dressinappropriately??

Youwill be made to borrow a shirt and/or long pants/ long conventional skirt without spending a dime by using contacting the royal staff in thefirst building on the right side after coming into the main gate. You have toleave a deposit, in order to be back to you whilst all of the items arereturned. There is every so often a wait if there may be a shortage of clothes. Itis first-rate to comply with the pointers outlined above to keep away from losing timewaiting to borrow the clothes.

You canalso hire clothes from a few shops on the other facet of the principle gate for 20 baht in step with object.

If youcome along side a certified guide, your manual will be allowedto borrow for you with the aid of giving his/her ID card in place of your deposit money.

If youcome with a huge institution, your certified guide might be allowed toborrow simplest five items, the others will should rent as a substitute at theplaces noted previously or borrow it yourselves by leaving adeposit.

Do no longer believe anybody outdoor the Grand Palacetrying to inform you that your get dressed inappropriate and you’ll not beallowed in. As noted above, you may borrow clothes inner thesite if that certainly is the case.

To Cope With The Heat..

Wear Light material attires or Arm socks to shield from sunburn.

Sunglasses,hat, sunscreen lotion, fan, umbrella arerecommended.

Makesure to carry a few bottles of cold drinking water with you.Remember that, the GrandPalace and The RoyalTemple of the Emerald Buddha is sincerely huge.

Coldrefreshing towels are availableat the handy shops like 7-eleven. Buy a few with you in particular if youhave any babies or kids with you.







Keep it Safe..

Becareful of pickpockets. We advise you are making a duplicate of your passport and use a neck pouch to keep it.

Keepyour money in any secret pocket or cash belt to save yourvaluables.

Thereare some ATM Machines to be had within the Grand Palace.When you withdraw the money from any ATM, disguise it together with your hands whileencoding. Take the money first after which take off your ATM or Creditcard proper away, don’t count your cash until you acquire your card lower back.

If theATM gadget swallowed your playing cards, the bankwouldn’t go back it returned for any internation playing cards, you may should touch the bank for your homecountry (thinking about the time differences too) and wait for the brand new cardsent to you which ones typically takes many days or perhaps weeks.

Do’s and Don’ts..

You need to take your shoes off before moving into some homes,but you do not want to take your socks off. Ifyou bear in mind your self “hygienic”, put on socks with you to avoidwalking bare foot, however it may be slippery.

Takeyour hat off and fold your umbrella beforeentering the building, chapel and so forth.

Ifthere are signs saying “No image and Video” or similar in somebuildings. Do now not attempt to take it as you’ll be in hassle. The royalstaff takes this case seriously.

Do nottouch some thing protected specifically while there are signs and symptoms saying “Donot contact” or similar.

Do notsmoke within the places wherein “No smoking” symptoms are shown.

Do notshout or communicate loud, it isconsidered impolite.

Do notshow an excessive amount of affection in thetemples (kissing and many others.)

Womenare now not allowed to the touch the monks, butyou can take photographs with the priests. To provide or to get hold of whatever fromthe monks ought to be done circuitously.

Do notsit or climb or stand on any stupas. Thisis considered disrespectful as there are ashes of people inside.

Do notmake any rude gestures toour Buddha or try to make fun with our Buddha. It’s consideredinsulting.

Do notuse your foot to factor out something.

Do notlitter. Drop your garbage inside the trashbin only.

Incase you visit the Grand Palace & The Royal Temple of The Emerald Buddha onyour own by means of river taxi. When you stroll out from Tha Chang (pier). Thepalace is at the right side. Just stroll bypass the primary gate and get into the second gate as a substitute. Notice that themain front is where lots of humans moving into. Not in which some guys status and asking you where you’re going ortelling that you dress inappropriately.

Keepin mind that they’re very convincing. Most of them are tuk-tuk and taxidrivers. Some men in suites or in polite attires placing the fake licensesaround their necks. Some guys are even sporting “Police” Jacket (that may bebought in the marketplace). These guys paintings as a teamwork with the tuk-tuk and taxidrivers.

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