In this section we’ve prepare plenty of beneficial sensible advice about touring in Japan. Choose a hyperlink from the left menu to jump to a section. Of direction, each person touring with InsideJapan Tours is supplied with our complimentary Japan Info-Pack and has 24/7 aid from our workplace in Japan. Those of you taking a Small Group Tour may even get hold of on-the-ground assistance from your excursion chief.

If there is whatever we’ve forgotten, please email us and we’re going to do our quality to consist of it soon.Facts about Japan

Area: 377,829 squarekm (one hundred forty five,877 squaremiles)

Population: 126.8 million (2017) – anticipated to fall hastily over the approaching decades

Population Density: 336 according to squarekm

Population: 9.273 million (2015) – Tokyo Metropolitan Government district. The population of greater Tokyo is around the 30 million mark!

Time: GMT nine Travel Advice

Japan is considered one of the most secure countries in the world. While there is always the chance of changing conditions or events past our manage, these are extremely rare. We have sent customers on problem-loose trips to Japan for many years.

If you need any in addition recommendation, our skilled tour specialists are on-hand and satisfied to assist. From the instant you ebook, until your return, we’ll maintain you knowledgeable about any trends that can affect you. With groups in the UK, US, Australia and Japan, there is usually a person there to take your name.

Before leaving: Contact a fitness professional up to six weeks before your departure to look whether or not you need any vaccinations. Take out appropriate travel coverage, making sure that any journey sports are blanketed.For extra records

Please call us if you have any similarly questions and always take a look at your governments’ tour recommendation pages earlier than travelling.

UK FCO Advice: kingdom/overseas-tour-advice

US State Department: material/travel/en/worldwide-tour.html

Australia Smartraveller:

Click for statistics approximately our technique to government journey advisories.Climate

The climate is a favourite subject matter of communication in Japan. This is unsurprising given the complexity of the weather in a rustic spanning 20 tiers of latitude.

From the harsh winters and mild summers of Hokkaido to the sub-tropical Okinawan climate there’s a top notch range in Japanese climate. Even within the equal city each extremes of weather can be experienced in a 12 months – Sapporo in Hokkaido can revel in temperatures of minus 10 inside the iciness however warmth waves of 30 ranges within the summer season aren’t an extraordinary incidence.

On the mainland, summer time temperatures are usually among 20 and 30 diploma centigrade. In the early part of summer (mid-June to mid-July) there may be a rainy season lasting some weeks, that is but damaged up through days of high-quality climate. Rains come again in overdue summer time thanks to typhoons, although those typically blow over in an afternoon.

If you want to know greater, head to When to Travel.Electricity

Unusually Japan does now not have a unmarried countrywide grid, but as a substitute has separate grids inside the east and west of the usa. The general voltage is 100V across the u . s . a ., however the frequencies range: 60Hz in Western Japan and 50HZ in Tokyo and the east.

Plugs are the flat 2-pin kind just like america. If you have a US plug converter, this will paintings quality in Japan.Mobile Phones

There is a lot of bewilderment surrounding using overseas cellular telephones in Japan. The cell network in Japan works on a unique device to the rest of the arena, but in case your handset is 3G or above, you need to don’t have any problems the usage of your telephone. However phone fees can show expensive – specially for records use – so we suggest turning roaming off to keep away from a nasty marvel!

While nearly all lodges in Japan provide complimentary WiFi, you would possibly discover you need Internet get admission to even as out and about to preserve in contact with humans returned home or to apply right old Google maps!

We propose renting a pocket WiFi device so that you can stay related at the go. There are many groups presenting this provider; we endorse PuPuRu as their device has the exceptional insurance across Japan and includes complete insurance.


Japan has strict rules approximately taking prescription drugs and medicinal drug into the us of a. Even a few commonplace cold remedies are not authorized so it’s miles usually really worth checking previous to touring. We recommend contacting the Japan Embassy in your usa for the present day records. 

The facts under is modern as of Jan 2019 (UK Japan Embassy) and can be used as a popular rule. However, if you are uncertain it’s miles usually exceptional to test.

You are permitted to take up to 1 month’s supply of a prescribed drug and two months of an over the counter drug into Japan with out acquiring prior permission. If your medicine is prescribed, we endorse that you take either a replica of the prescription or a letter from the medical doctor mentioning that the drugs has been prescribed to you. It is also really useful to take the drugs inside the original packaging. If you are taking extra than the portions cited above, or in case you need take needles, you’ll should observe for an import certificates, referred to as a Yakkan Shoumei.

Please notice that there are some exceptions to the above rule. Any medicinal drug containing pseudoephedrine (ie. Sudafed or Vicks inhalers) isn’t always accepted as this is a banned substance in Japan (underneath the anti-stimulant laws). If the drugs carries a narcotic like codeine or morphine, then you may want to achieve a extraordinary certificate no matter the quantity being taken into Japan.   Currency

The Japanese unit of currency is the Yen. There are 6 specific denomination cash in move – 500, a hundred, 50, 10, five and 1 – and  4 extraordinary denomination notes – 10000, 5000, 2000 and 1000. These are all shown above.

The highest denomination note is the 10,000 yen word (Ichiman-en satsu in Japanese). Japan remains a cash primarily based society and relatively secure, thus regardless of their excessive fee you’ll see plenty of ichiman-en notes in movement. The different notes are well worth 5,000 yen, 2,000 yen and a thousand yen (sen-en satsu)

Although there are four exceptional denomination bank notes you’re unlikely to look any 2,000 yen notes except you bring those with you to Japan. This financial institution be aware turned into added in 2000 to mark the brand new millennium. However, almost all of those notes have because been allotted to remote places banks and simplest make their manner lower back to Japan inside the wallets of travelers. They are so uncommon that shopkeepers are likely to statement on the observe when you pay. We once had a taxi driver refuse to accept a 2,000 yen notice because he did not believe it turned into prison tender! Don’t fear even though, that is virtually now not the norm!

As for cash, there are three silver coins: the five hundred yen coin (no longer to be stressed with a Korean coin of comparable length however far much less value), the a hundred yen coin, and the 50 yen coin which has a hole via its centre. The 10 yen coin and 5 yen coin (once more, with a hollow in it) are each bronze; the nearly worthless one yen coin is silver and weighs next to nothing.

The 500 yen coin (top left) is the highest price coin in popular flow everywhere within the international. You can also come across ‘One Coin’ bars or pubs in Japan. Basically which means that everything fees 500 yen. These may be excellent cost so keep your eyes open.

The 5 yen coin is the most effective coin which does not have its cost in displayed in Arabic Numbers on the coin (e.g. 1, 50, one hundred, 500). Instead it has the kanji man or woman ‘move’ which means that 5. The five yen coin is likewise taken into consideration fortunate due to the fact in Japanese it’s miles said ‘move en’ which also approach “appropriate fortune”Exchange prices

The Japanese Yen continues to be the most volatile of the principal currencies. Until the economic crisis, the yen had weakened over the proceeding 6 or 7 years to reach lows of a 250 to the pound and a hundred and forty to america dollar. For a few years cash has been reasonably-priced to borrow in Japan, so large volumes of yen had been borrowed to buy different currencies and put money into international locations with better yields. But with the monetary disaster yen was visible as a secure haven foreign money so big flows came lower back and the foreign money won in price, dramatically hitting highs of seventy four to the USA dollar and 117 to the pound.

The following change rates were taken from in January 2019:

1 Australian Dollar AUD = 78 yen1 British Pound GBP = 139 yen1 Canadian Dollar CAD = 81 yen1 Euro EUR = 124 yen1 United States Dollar USD 108 yen

These are marketplace costs, so the costs you get as a vacationer may be much less favourable. Exchange costs are concern to trade, so keep an eye fixed on the present day prices earlier than you journey.

You can trade your money at the airport, most banks and publish places of work in which they ought to have modern quotes of exchange without a doubt on display. Keep your passport reachable.

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